The last newletter in 2017.

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Dear Sir/Madam.



Good morning. Did you have a nice Christmas? This newsletter is our last news in this year. We have got lots of issues and performance. So today, I am writing to inform you about our total result of 2017s and new plan for 2018s.


First. Expect the S-paint in USA

We have got a new agency in LA, USA. They are doing a lot of performances. Actually, They had organized Indiegogo campaign 2 month ago. So, Thanks to LA agency, We have successfully completed the Indiegogo campaign.

Also, the NY agency is preparing another method of marketing. They will hard work in USA. Thank you for helping to improve brand awareness. Please look forward our progress In USA. 


Second, Thanks for everyone.

The attached is a case where buyers and agents have installed S-paint in each area. If you don’t want to download, take a look at YouTube.( The Paintpam always want to share the all of the project or case with you. That is combined with USA. Serbia, China and Australia video. We are very proud of your construction. So, If you want to show your case as you use the s-paint in your place, don’t hesitate to send me your video Please give me your S-paint demo video.


Lastly, We plan to have new promotion in 2018s.

Actually, we had not visited our agency and buyers country since 2015s. but Next year we plan to visit our buyer’s country to educate both what business plan do and how to use for S-paint

If you order the bulk at least $10,000, We will visit your country for education. Also, if you send me the installation video about S-paint, We will provide the ‘buy two, get one free’ promotion when you second order. This promotion is only for 50 bottles. This event will be held by February. Please don’t miss this chance.

I Wish you all the best and happy New year 



Paintpam Inc.