S-paint for Wall Interior

High performance screen by the Paint!
Wall has a qualification to become a screen.

Reflection screen paint / High performance screen paint / Interior / Affordable price/ Media zone/ Experience zone.

S-paint for Wall [INTERIOR]

Normal wall is able to be a supersized screen.
Enjoy the clear and deep images with a reasonable price.
Meet an interior home theater which is made by ‘S-Paint for Wall Interior’ with affordable price.
Home Theater / Office / Institute / School / Museum / Available for all of Interior.

Gain 1.1 / Viewing angle 150°
Coverage – High covering power with a one time.
Smell-less water based paint.
Cost-effectiveness with a reasonable price.
Excellent working property – reducing construction cost by one-time coating that does not flow or bounce.
Gloss: Matte (Pearl effect in image implementation)


Home theater     /    Interior     /    Museum     /    Media zone

Case of installation

◆ Attention ◆

1. keep out of reach of children.
2. Attention to drink and to smell for a long time will cause the harmful.
3. Wearing a safety clothes when you touch to install .
4. Quickly wash it in case of skin contact.
5. Enough ventilate the atmosphere when you painting it or dry.
7. Please avoid the water & humidity.
8. To prevent environmental pollution, dispose of it after use, but be careful not to enter sewers, streams and soils.
9. Do not use (smell, fuel, etc.) other intended use. In case of leakage, please absorb with sand, mop and absorbent .
10. Long time- storage will cause the going bad, please use it as soon as possible.
If there is any deterioration (color difference, foreign matter contamination, stagnation, etc.), please contact us.

◆ How to Use ◆

1. Remove dust, grease, water and other foreign substances.
2. Cover with masking tape, vinyl, newspaper and other parts that should not be exposed to paint.
3. Shaking the product before use.
4. Apply s-paint to the glass surface and arrange the coated surface (Apply without missing parts)
* The marks of the overlapping part will disappear naturally after drying.
5. Quickly remove the masking tape before dry. (After the surface is dried, the coating can be peeled off.)
6. Drying will be completed within 30 minute by coating.
7. Install the projector on the inside of the glass where S-paint is installed, and check that the
image is displayed on the front glass surface.