S-paint for Glass PRO

Professional instant Digital Signage on Glass

The S-Paint PRO is a technology to transform the window into the rear projection screen.
It provides better picture quality rear projection screen with sufficient film thickness and
uniform surface on transparent glass, such as window, plexi, acrylic or vinyl.

S-paint for Glass PRO / Rear screen paint for experts

This product was developed to improve the quality of existing 'S-paint for Glass DIY' product. Provides better picture quality with sufficient film thickness and uniform surface.
This product requires the use of a dedicated mechanical spray gun.
It is very convenient to construct because the dirt that occurs during coating disappears as it dries.
It can be easily removed by spraying water, so it can be used for various purposes such as short-term events.

S-paint ?

The name of our product S-Paint is standing for a ‘Screen Paint’. It is a projective rear screen paint which transforms a common transparent surface, such as glass, into a clear screen by simply installing on where you want.
Apply S-paint with a roller on the interior side of the glass and it forms a translucent film layer upon drying. And project images on this film layer in order to view them clearly from the exterior side. S-paint can simply be removed and recover the original state of the applied surface if the application is no longer required.
It is possible to use S-paint, with this feature, in various applications such as advertisement, events, interior, secondary production etc. It is a magic paint that can transform a normal glass into a high resolution screen.

- Primary Benefits -

① Create equal brightness screen which was widen view angle & less hotspot by using spray equipment.
② Auto-spreading stain makes high-quality video displays on the window.
③ Simple easy to apply and easy to remove by just water. Increase the productivity of work.
④ Not at all the S-Paint PRO which is based on water is harmful to people.
⑤ Practice customer satisfaction with various applications.


① Still easy to install and remove. (spray equipment required)
② Widen view angle & less hotspot.
③ Equal brightness
④ Auto-spreading stain.
⑤ Providing high satisfaction.
⑥ Various applications


Digital signage : Installation of commercial image using building window Performance / Exhibition : Installation of small/large image used for exhibition hall and performance Interior: interior decoration with acrylic or glass partition Event: Use short-term video event

How to use

Surface treatment: Clean the surface of glass or acryl without grease or silicone.
Masking : Please keep enough tape to prevent paint from getting on nearby equipment such as sashes and handles.
Prepare painting : Put a paint in the spray gun and connect the electricity. At this time,
it is recommended to use a filter so that no foreign matter enters.
Painting : Spraying evenly several times to avoid clumping. It is advisable not to spraying again after drying.
Spraying it so that the light on the other side (outside) is invisible.
Approximately 4 sqm to 5 sqm is the appropriate application area.
Removal masking : Remove the masking before drying. It is advantageous to prevent the damage of the film by removing it in the opposite 90 degree direction from the film surface.
Air drying : Drying time is about 30 minutes depending on temperature and humidity.
(Based on 25 degrees Celsius)

Installation Process

“ Check the size and state of the surface that you want to use for screen. Position accurately the area to be painted before you start painting. ”

1. Preconditioning Clean the interior side of the surface (clear side) to be painted.
(Moisture, oil or dust would cause stains if the surface is not clean enough.)

2. Covering Cover carefully the neighboring area with the masking & covering tapes.
(Thorough covering will give you better outcomes.)
* The best condition for painting is to work on cloudy days or in the late
afternoon in order to avoid the direct sunlight. There are possible defects
with direct sunlight because of high temperature of the surface.

3. Coating
1) Shake the S-paint bottle enough
2) Pour S-paint into a spray gun bottle and joint with spray gun body.
3) Spray at glass surface once without empty surface.

4) Apply S-paint on the surface and tidy up by applying it once again from top to bottom.
* There can be traces of overlappedpaint but they will spread out naturally when dried.

5) In case of using masking tape, remove it immediately after applying the paint before it is dried.
(Paint film may also be peeled off if it is removed after dried.)
If the paint is on the window frame, clean it off with paper tissue or cloth.

6) Leave it for about 30 minutes and your screen is ready.
* It may vary depending on the temperature.
* A stained/patterned glass, other than plain glass, may have traces or stains.
In case of colored glass, the original color of the glass can be reflected due to translucent surface.

How to use

Quality Mark

● Product Name : S-paint
● Main substances : Special acryl resin, pigment, water, etc.
● Applicable materials : Indoor windows (glass and/or other transparent surfaces)
● Manufacturer : Paintpam Inc.
● Country of Origin : Republic of Korea
● Manufacture date: See the bottom of the product
● Valid date : 6 months from manufacture with bottle top unopened

Product Name : S-paint

[Hazardous, Dangerous Statement] Signal Word : Warning
1. May cause an allergic skin reaction.
2. Causes skin irritation.

[Precautionary Statement] (Precaution)
1. Avoid breathing dust, fume, gas, mist, vapors or spray.
2. Wash hands thoroughly after handling.
3. Wear protective gloves, clothing, eye-glasses and face protection. (Response)
4. If on skin, rinse with a sufficient amount of water and soap.
5. Handle in accordance with MSDS.
6. If skin irritation occurs, get medical advice/attention.
7. Take off contaminated clothing and wash before reuse. (Storage)
8. Store locked up. (Disposal)
9. Dispose of contents/container (in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations).

* Please refer to MSDS for further information.

◆ Attention ◆

1. keep out of reach of children.
2. Attention to drink and to smell for a long time will cause the harmful.
3. Wearing a safety clothes when you touch to install .
4. Quickly wash it in case of skin contact.
5. Enough ventilate the atmosphere when you painting it or dry.
7. Please avoid the water & humidity.
8. To prevent environmental pollution, dispose of it after use, but be careful not to enter sewers, streams and soils.
9. Do not use (smell, fuel, etc.) other intended use. In case of leakage, please absorb with sand, mop and absorbent .
10. Long time- storage will cause the going bad, please use it as soon as possible.
If there is any deterioration (color difference, foreign matter contamination, stagnation, etc.), please contact us.

◆ Installation Cases ◆